Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Boy All Grown Up, A Best Friend and The Best Week of His Life

Two weeks ago Chase came home from Cub Scout day camp and said, "THIS IS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!"

Last week Chase came home from three days of a marine biology camp with his friends Hunter and Levi and said, "THIS IS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!"

This week Chase came home from flying all by himself to Georgia to see one of his very best friends, Ryan Johnson, and said, "THAT WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!"

Either Chase is super easy to please, a really super lucky kid or just plain having the very best summer of his life. More than likely...all three!

For two years Chase has diligently mowed lawns to earn money to buy his first very own plane ticket. A golden ticket per se that would take him all the way non-stop across the country to the home of a very special long lost friend. Ryan Johnson has been very missed in our house. If it wasn't for our very good fortune of having the Huillet family move in soon after the military took the Johnsons from us I think Chase would be on heavy medication still for severe depression.

Ryan is one of those boys that you hope your kid will befriend. The kind of friend that makes your own child a better person. The kind of friend you hope your son will keep in contact with, go to EYF's together, be in the MTC together, go to college with kind of friend!

The boys apparently ran to each other and flung their arms around each other in a huge bear hug as Chase got off his plane. Isn't that kind of friendship great. Chase said they had all sorts of great times together!

Here are his favorites:
-being with his best friend
-staying up as late as they wanted
-playing whatever games they wanted
-eating all the candy I sent him
-going to the movies alone (to see Ice Age)
-playing on the trampoline in a thunderstorm
-getting to meet and play with Ryan's little brother Luke
-riding on his suitcase in the airport together
-a really awesome Smash Brothers tournament
-Johnson virgin margaritas (of which, Lisa if you're reading this I need a recipe;-)

Thanks Lisa for hosting Chase and contributing to his third in a row best week of his life!


Sarah said...

That is wonderful to have a friend like that. It is my greatest hope for my children as well! Your summer like it has been busy and fun. Of course Cub Scout Day Camp was a huge success--you were on the committee! Sorry to hear about the practice...I ditto the sentiment that this is all part of His plan and it really will all work out (I know that never makes it better when you are in the middle of it though). Good to see you back on the blog;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a great summer! Good work on saving all that money.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Wowsers, Chase- you bought your own plane ticket? How about lending Aunt Nicole a few thousand for a downpayment...