Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Anderson Island Adventure

Our good friends from dental school have come to visit us. They are canvasing Washington to check out it's potential as a place to settle. As I was trying to come up with something to do with them while they were in town, Jamie Chiara's blog kept popping into my mind. She had just posted about a little day trip they had taken and it looked like so much fun. I am always up for a new adventure and so I decided a trip to Anderson island would be a perfect Washington excursion. We arrived at the ferry dock in Steilacoom an hour early to search for sea stars and lay coins on the train track in hopes that a train would pass by and smash them for us. We weren't let down on either account. Then we drove our car onto the ferry and were off on our first ferry ride. Can you believe that in the three years we have lived here we just went on our first ride?! The kids loved it and it was so short.

Once on the island we headed down the road to the General Store for lunch and some directions. This believe it or not was the highlight of the trip for my kids. They are begging to go back just to visit the store. They were so excited about the 1 cent candy bins. Kate had found a few coins somewhere along the trip and they sat in front of the bins trying to choose the perfect candies in the perfect amounts so that they could all satisfy their sweet teeth. I wish now that I had taken a picture. I will when we go back.
Next we drove down to Andy's Marine park and went on a very cool trail (as with Jamie's kids the tree stump hoping was a hit with mine as well) to a totally deserted beach where the kids searched for crabs, sand dollars and rocks. I found a large piece of drift wood and just sat back and relaxed as the kids indulged themselves. It was such a beautiful day.

Finally we drove all over the place looking for the much anticipated swimming hole. Surprisingly the handful of people that we asked about it had no idea what we were talking about. So here is a map in case you choose to go. It is number 13. It was perfect. There was a slide in the shallow pool and one out in the deep part of the lake. Katie was so happy to see sand and played in it the whole time while her brother and sister tried to out do each others craziness on the slide.

Here is the link for the map and other visitor info:
We will definitely go back it was so much fun!


Nicole said...

You always find such frun things to do- you need to write a book "Fun and educational places to go with kids and adults in TUCSON"! :)

Honeycombs said...

You guys are always up to fun stuff. I am glad my kids can't read to find out that moms do take their kids out and about.

Clark Family said...

I've been wondering where you've been:) Glad you see you had fun with your friends. I'll be anxious to see what they thought of Vancouver. We too will have to go to Anderson Is. I'm glad there are people around to do all the research for us.

Jamie C. said...

I am so glad you guys loved it as much as we did. We took my parents just on Monday and I was nervous that maybe they would love it with all the hype we gave it, but it did not disappoint us either. I'll have to go into the General Store next time, both times Joe has just popped in for treats and I can see that I am missing out.
ps. I can not believe you had never been on a should be fired! :)