Friday, July 25, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

This is my personal favorite. Sara's Bebe Pod. She spends most of her day in it. I take her on wagon rides in it. It goes to the pool, bath, sink, park, on play dates and even to Great Wolf Lodge. It is a manufacturers gift to Mothers everywhere!

I bought a beautiful rattle like this for my sister when she had her last little girl and was so sad my own children hadn't had such a lovely toy. So you can bet it was one of the first things Sara owned. It makes such a soft beautiful sound. It is so beautiful and colorful too. Sara likes that it is especially easy to hold!

The oh so handy "Hooter Hider"! Let's just say I wouldn't still be nursing if I didn't have one. This little nursing shawl makes nursing so much more stress free. I really feel like I can nurse anywhere, at any time. I love how easy it has made life so much, that it is now a staple baby shower gift from me.

This is my new Diaper bag. It is Ju Ju Be bag. I bought it while pregnant. It was one of those had to have it kind of moments. I get almost as many compliments on it as I do about how sweet Sara is. I was at a favorite children's boutique in Newport once and the store manager came up to me asking me who the maker was because she wanted to start stocking them in her store. But aside from being ridiculously cute it is very convenient. It just wipes down when it's dirty. I love the magnetic closure and the amount of storage is perfect. Ju Ju Be has really cool accessories too. I personally love the stroller clips and the little "Mommy" purse.

My girlfriend Rachel's little girl used one of these when she was a tot. We would be over playing Settlers and I would watch her munching away thinking wow...if I had only know about those with my kids. Well you can be sure when Sara came around I went and got her one. I didn't know how much of a necessity it would be. Sara chokes (like really chokes) on everything! And with this there are no worries.

This is an Ergo Carrier. Way more handy than the baby Bjorn. Don't get me wrong I also love having the Bjorn, but once Sara was old enough the Ergo is so much better. I can wear her on my back and take her on long walks without feeling like I'm pregnant again. Thank you Stephanie for that heads up.


Nicole said...

That's so funny about the store manager asking about your diaper bag- iot is really cute!

April said...

I thought about doing a post like this too:) Great minds think alike. It is amazing what is out there. The rattle is darling, do they make a more boyish one?