Monday, July 14, 2008

July Fourth DuPont Style

I have always loved celebrating the Fourth of July in small towns. We used to go to Sierra Vista, AZ every year to celebrate. They really know how to have a good party there in Southern Arizona. Their fireworks put Tucson's to shame and it was always so much fun setting up our picnic blankets, having kid style marching bands, watermelon seed spitting contests (back when they used to have seeds) and then walking home with firework shrapnel in our hair. I missed those days when we moved to California. But DuPont hasn't let us down.

This year Chase's baseball team (sponsored by several local vendors) marched in the parade. The girls rode their decked out bikes and even Zeke got to strut his stuff. After the parade we enjoyed pony rides, train rides, games, contests, a good band, crafts, and lots of great friends!

But the best part is always the pyrotechnic firework extravaganza at the end of the day. Here in Washington we never catch fire thanks to the hundreds of inches of rain we get every year. That means a firework free for all. In a day when Sparkles are outlawed throughout most of the nation we enjoyed full blown, fire in the sky fireworks. And when your combining your own personal stash with that of several other friends it is no small show.

I love the Fourth of July. I love when people come out of their own little worlds to show their colors. Our colors. The colors of our wonderful country where we celebrate so many freedoms. Good old Red, White and Blue!


Sarah said...

What a fun town you live in! I am jealous about your personal fireworks, too. We stopped at Valley of Fire on the way home from Utah and got some fireworks but after reading again that "even sparklers and smoke bombs are illegal in the county of Riverside" I actually had a dream that Danny got arrested for our illegal fireworks:) Sad life in So. Cal:)

Anonymous said...

man, i'm just glad no one got seriously injured while running around lighting fireworks. the was some crazy fireworks!

Meghan said...

And all my friends thought I was so weird when I got all decked out for the fireworks. It must run in the family!

Nicole said...

I love the 4th also. Of curse we can't even do sparklers.