Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Weakness

So I have a total weakness for dance. It is a true love of mine. A girlfriend sent me this link today and it amazed me. I have never seen such liberties taken with classical ballet. Usually I don't approve but this was different. It was amazing. Cirque de sole meets classical ballet in Swan Lake. I don't usually post from You Tube but this is so special it's worth the risk of all those nasty clip adds you tube posts at the end of your selection. Watch it all the way through until the German guy comes on in the end. It's crazy sweet. Thanks Kathryn for a huge pick-me-up!



Honeycombs said...

That was awesome. I can't wait for Phil to get home to show him that clip. Miya loved it too.
We are big dance fans around this house and totally get into So You Think You Can Dance.

Meghan said...

So are you going to learn to do point on top of Dave's head?

The Seaquist Family said...

I loved it. So amazing how the body can be trained. I am wondering when we are going to get to see a little of Jen dancing from the good 'ol days.

RuSty and LaLa said...

What the freak! That was amazing and totally insane. I was glad when the spotter came out. Crazy little (little is the key) asians. So are your girls going to do ballet too?