Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Around The River Bend

This weekend we took advantage of Dave's time off and went camping with our friends the Phillips family. We were going to go camping at Millersylvania State Park, and actually did go but there was no room in the inn. After another failed attempt at Black Lake in Olympia we decided to go for what we thought would be a sure thing and headed towards the churches Nisqually camp ground. (It didn't dawn on us that they would be having girls camp there for the young women:-) But right before we reached the turn out for the churches property we came upon a sign that said River Bend Camping. We thought we would check it out and ended up staying. We found a really great group camp site (Fox group for future reference). There were lots of tent spots, great trees, a sizable fire ring and we were a hop-skip and a jump away from the Nisqually river. The only down sides were portapoties, an over abundance of trains running by and no picnic table.

We had lots of fun but the highlights were I think smore night. I have never seen so many smores constructed in one evening. We are total fans now of Reese's Peanut Butter Cup smores after being converted by our friends the Huillets.

The river was very nice too. The kids loved throwing in rocks, building dams and finding all sorts of "undesirable" creatures. But the best thing about the river was the rope swing a short walk up the banks. Yes...we finally found a rope swing. After striking out two years in a row at Jackson Hole we found one ten minutes from our house. That's correct we went camping ten minutes from home. It sure was nice to pack up Sunday morning and only be ten minutes away from a shower.
We also had tons of fun making glow stick pictures in the evenings. I think Dave has wanted to do this for quiet some time. He had very willing guinea pigs. We tried writing our names, making star patterns and just creating silly light pictures. The kids we very excited and more than happy to take their glow sticks to bed with them in the evening.
The other great part is that Sara was such a great sport. She spent the majority of her weekend in her hand dandy chair and loved most every minute!


Nicole said...

Sara looked like she did much better than Becca. Funny about the rope swing!

Daniel said...

This made me want jump out into that river so badly!

RuSty and LaLa said...

I am a total convert to that chair. My mom got Shelly one for her shower...maybe you already knew that. I got Shelly one of those pasifier thinga ma bobbies that you put the banana in and its mesh and they just suck on it. Sounds great when I explain it. I should go into advertising. Just thought you should know what a trend setter you are.