Thursday, July 3, 2008

Money For Summer Camp

I have found the most perfect summer camp ever for Emily. It is a week long horse camp. It would be her dream come true! She picks her horse at the beginning of the week and then feeds it, takes care of it and rides it all week long. There are other fun activities too...but let's face it...the horses are all that matter. It is a little pricey. I want her to earn it and deserve it. Does anyone have any ideas about how an 8 year old can earn money around the neighborhood? Please leave comments. I need lots of ideas.


Sarah said...

Baked goods/drinks for sale during the festivities tomorrow. Aubrey and her cousin were going to do it after so much success selling brownies during the yard sale, but I pooped out. Afterall, I'm the sucker who has to make 50 dozen brownies so my 6-year-old can sell them. With Emily, she is old enough to help out more.
She could also offer to walk people's dogs in the neighborhood. Any old toys she can sell on craigslist?
The camp sounds awesome, especially for such a little horse lover. You're a good mom, Jen. Not only are you finding and building on something she loves, but you're also teaching her responsibility. Way to go!

Clark Family said...

No idea, but I still remember going to a horse back riding camp when I was about 10. It was the greatest ever, down in Bonsall, CA. Isn't that close to Fallbrook? Anyway good luck Emily. Sarah has great ideas. I know it can be an awesome experience.

The Roberts' Report said...

You totally sound like you parents! HA!!!
How about a good ol' lemonade stand!! Or walking people's animals for them?

RuSty and LaLa said...

Collecting bottles for recycle. Those add up quick. mowing lawns...sounds like a boy job but I did it too. or pulling weeds, washing cars, or washing dogs. Ok I think i am out of ideas.