Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tournament Triumph!

Chase's baseball team, the Dupont Diamond Backs, swept their tournament. They didn't loose a single game. They had some real close ones but none as close as their final game. They were down 9 to 2 after the fourth inning (out of six). It just wasn't looking good. All of us parents were preparing ourselves for another game. Then in the top of the fifth our boys rallied bringing up the score 9 to 12 our lead. They had the most amazing inning! The opposing team was up in the bottom of the sixth and came back into the game with a score of 13 to 12. So we were up, last at bat and had to score two points. Chase was first up and went out swinging (imagine the pressure). His best friend Hunter was up next and got a base hit. (He managed to steal his way all the way over to third and was the tying runner) The next kid, Troy, up to bat was one of our heavy hitters. The kind like in the big leagues. Either he hits a homer or it's an easy pop fly out. This time it wasn't meant to be. We had two outs, and a runner on third and still needed those points. Graham was up next and battled it out with their pitcher. It was a full count, 3 walks 2 strikes and you had better believe that we were all standing, shouting on the sidelines. Graham hit it perfectly down past second base way out into the outfield. He ended up coming all the way in scoring the win! It was the most amazing game!

They had an awards assembly afterwards. The head of the ball club came out and awarded plaques and a huge trophy to the team. The boys were giddy with excitement.

Chase - As soon as Graham hit the ball into the out field and the fielder missed it I got really, really excited! We started jumping all over the dug out. One of my favorite parts is running around the bases with the flag and singing Yankee Doodle! It was a tradition for whenever we won a game. The trophy was huge. It's too bad I didn't get to keep it!

The boys have been invited to march in the city parade for the Fourth of July. Sports are great but it's always so awesome to win it all!

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Sarah said...

That really is so great. I'm excited for our hometown parade and will look forward to seeing the champions! I hope they throw some good candy. ;)