Friday, July 25, 2008

Soccer Is Not For Me!

What I mean is that being a soccer groupie is not for me. Unless our dear boys start playing earlier and ending sooner so I can avoid the plague of mosquitoes that awakens to feast on me at 9:00pm. I think my poor little body fed the whole entire swarming community last night. After waking up to the feeling of fire all over my body I counted the bites on just my left arm. !25! No kidding or exaggerating. Add another 10 to 15 for each of my other limbs and I got bit at least 60 times last night. The only good things about having single handedly fed the entire blood sucking population of vampire mosquitoes is that my kids came home rather unpunctured. Even though we killed a zillion (that is an exaggeration but not too far of a stretch as the little vampire carcasses in our car will attest) of the little buggers in our car on the way home. Also it goes to show that even though I think of myself as a big sour puss most of the least someone / something thinks I'm sweet;-)


Nicole said...

I don't think I have EVER heard of anyone getting that many bites- you're pretty popular :)

The Roberts' Report said...

Oh my gosh!! I totally understand. I positively absolutely HATE mesquito bites. And if there is one of those little buggers around, I'm the first to get preyed upon! I highly recommend Benydryl!!

Fisher Family said...

Don't give up on soccer watching yet. I hear you though..we went to Great Falls, MT to visit Darryl's family at the beginning of July, the mosquitos were there in full force. They were everywhere we couldn't get out of the car w/out getting bit a million times. Crazy!