Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Father's Day And A Clean Car

What gift could be anymore perfect than a clean car for Father's Day? A semi clean car with painting all over it and a the new Flight of the Conchords CD cued to play! What a cool ride!

Here is what the kids had to say about their Dad this year.

Kate - I love Dad because he gives us donuts! The extra ones from work. And he loves me. When I washed his car he really loved me. I love Dad because he teaches me how to do tricks with Zeke. He kisses me too!
Emily - I love Dad because he does Chicken Theater for us. It is always funny and he asks us funny questions! He gives me cuddles after work. He is always fun and does lots of silly things. Sometimes he does crazy kid stuff. I love him because he is my Dad.
Chase - Dad is a good Dad because he is really nice. He plays with me. I love it when he plays Rock Band and Guitar Hero with me. I love to do things with him like when I ran the last 5 miles of his marathon with him. He does special things for me like taking me out to get a malt, taking me on motorcycle rides and tucking me every night.
Happy Father's Day to a real super hero!

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Anonymous said...

that's so sweet. emily told me all about chicken theater during our primary class...dave is a great dad:)