Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sara Keeps Growing

Despite constant requests from her Mom and Dad to stay their little baby girl forever, Sara keeps growing. She is getting so big, so quickly. And while we are having so much fun enjoying all her new tricks and such, we are already missing her old ones. So what is our sweet smilier up too?

18.2 lbs

27 inches tall

- Sara is learning how to wave. She doesn't do it at all the appropriate moments or by any means on request but she does do it.

- Sara is a pro at sitting. She has such amazing balance and plays with all her toys so happily. Just today at her doctors visit she went from a sitting to belly position by rolling right over her legs. I think Crawling is definitely in her immediate future.

- One of our favorite things that Sara does is dancing. She dances anytime we turn music on. She especially enjoys her Dad's performances on Rock Band. She is his number one fan. She sways side to side with the hugest smile on her face.

- New favorite games are pat-a-cake and pee-a-boo. She giggles with joy. Sara also loves to be an acrobat. Like her older brother before her she is always game for flying high.

- She has her own little language for the dog. It is just a bunch of short syllable grunting sounds. Man does she love the dog!

- Sara has started taking baths with Katie. I think they both love it equally. She sits in the tub playing with toys, splashing and laughing at her big sister.

- Much to Mom's delight she is sleeping in until 8:30 or 9:00 most mornings. This fits right into Mom's plans for sleeping in most mornings!

- Sara is starting to try and pull herself up on things. Just the other day she was playing in the sink and pulled herself up onto her knees by pulling on the cookie rack that was in the other sink. Scary...I wish she would just be happy sitting, I love sitting!

- She loves to have Mom trace her face with her finger. I can't remember any of my children being so happy to be touched. She just loves caresses and having her cheeks and eyebrows stroked. We have had a few really slow mornings with wonderful cuddling sessions in bed this last month.

- Sara is still bringing so much happiness into our home. What a wonderful thing it is to have such a sweet baby!!!!


The Roberts' Report said...

Sara is such a sweet chuncky baby!! SMUSH*
I wish all babies would just hang out in the "sitting" stage a little longer. It's so much less hectic that way for us MOMS!!

The Seaquist Family said...

I feel the same way about Ava. How dare she grow up. There is something about the last one. I think it is all on fast forward. I cried the other day when I realized Ava would start Kindergarten in three years. How pathetic is that!

Heather said...

Sara is so adorable. It's fun to read about her tricks that we don't see on Sundays and know what is in our near future.

Lisa said...

oh my, she is adorable. I love to hear what she's up to. Luke is doing lots of those things. They do grow up so fast!