Thursday, July 31, 2008


When you were a kid were the nickle an quarter machines a magical place to find treasures? I can still remember looking at them with longing every time we passed by a row. It must be a right of passage for all children. A must happen event in any little child's life. My children can totally check that box.

They know where every coin machine is in a twenty mile radius of our house. When we are too close for self control to last any longer they beg. When that doesn't work they resort to looking for change all over the dirty floor. (at this point I often give in and give them the money just to stop the visual image of my little beggar children getting hopelessly filthy!) When, however, I am not swayed by humiliation and being totally grossed out, they begin a frantic search of every machine. Opening one door at a time with their hand held underneath hopeful that some totally nutsy child left their candy behind. Surprisingly this method of collection is quite often rewarding.

Now a days the kids look forward to the coin machine at Dad's dental office. No candy there...but lots of cool prizes. Months ago, when we went for our first visit, Dave gave each child a token to get a prize. Katie came away with a little "squishy animal" turtle. She named it Shelly and has not parted with it in all these many months.

this picture is taken of Shelly in sleeping Kate's hands
She loves her so tenderly. She feeds her mermaid tears (those squished marble things people use to decoratively fill vases), bathes her, gives her a special sleeping spot on the post of her bed and wants to take her wherever we go. Knowing how special this TINY little turtle is we have tried to be very careful never to loose her. But as fate would have it after many months of careful watch care Shelly was missing.

Kate was beyond devastated. So badly that I actually called Dave at work and made him promise to bring home a "back-up" Shelly. I think Dave said he and his office coworkers went though 10 or something tokens before a new Shelly was delivered. You should have seen the joy when Dad "found" her precious turtle. But then of course days later the real Shelly was found and Kate was doubly excited.

Mom was smart or cruel, depending on whose side your looking at it from, and put the "back-up" Shelly away for a rainy day. Cute little Kate now comes to me whenever she has misplaced her TINY plastic pet to ask for the "Back-up" Shelly. She is just to cute.

Who knew that a child's favorite toy could be a quarter machine treasure from Dad's dental office? Such simple pleasures!


Sarah said...

That is a cute story. You're lucky she's content with the 'back-up', and recognizes it as such.
I like the new blog template--did you put it all together, or use a ready-made one? It looks great.

Jennifer said...

Compliments of cutest blog on the block!

The Seaquist Family said...

Just so you know I am that mother whose children are constantly scouring the dirty nasty floor of EVERY store we go into. No matter what I do or say they are always looking for money. When I am paying they disappear because they have discovered that they best places to look are BEHIND the cash registers. Yes, they are back in with the worker. And the worst part is - they always find money. We are to the point now that if they find any they have to give it to me. I thought that would stop them - nope. They still search and then willingly hand it over to me. HELP! How do I stop it. And to think they haven't even discovered the cool machines that give out stuff if you put money in. Then I would really be in trouble.

Nicole said...

OK, so Saturday, we stopped by Savers- Jon told me I could find the costume jewlery I am currently hunting for (enough to even look on ebay) there- I did get ONE necklace. We were l=ooking a little too carefully and Becca found some old meat on the floor and ate it- so that definately is worse than a quaerter to HOld at a GROCERYT store- this is OLD MEAT at SAVERS near DOWTOWN Tucson- YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then had to leave the store.

So sweet that Kate gives Shelly a bath even though she doesn't take them :)

I love the picture.

Did Dave ride home in a suit of armor on a fine white steed for having saved the damsel in distress?

i think your blog is cute!