Saturday, July 26, 2008

One Hundred Dollars!

Emily did it. With the help of my wonderful friends and neighbors she earned her hundred dollars for camp. She is so proud and she should be. It was a lot of work! Here are some of the odd jobs she did to earn her way to camp:

- be a playmate for a little girl so Mom could have some time to herself
- help watch a little one during a Mom's book club group
- FHE treats for a few families
- wagon rides for Kate and other lucky children
- she made cookies for a baptism
- cleaned windows
- accepted a dare to jump into the freezing cold Nisqually river
- cat sat for a family on vacation
- she had to remember all day how much her Grandma DeWitt loved her
- she babysat a sleeping Sara for me twice
-and last but not least she had a lemonade / bake sale

She leaves for camp tomorrow at 5:00 and she is so excited. Today we have packed up her stuff. We bought her a digital camera for her birthday (more for me than her...I had to have pictures of her at camp right!?). And she and her friend Kaitlyn are on pins and needles!


Nicole said...

Emily, I remember when I had my first $100. I was in Verona, Italy. I opened mky first savings account (they actually charged me $5 to do it- pretty pathetic- so I only had $95). I bought a bike- at the time, it was the coolest bike I ever saw- I think it was $120- so my parents must have helped out some. Congrats on saving for something fun- I hope you have a blast!

Lisa said...

Good for you Emily. I can't wait to hear about your camp!

Heather said...

Okay so I have to be honest. This is the first time I've checked out your blog. Holy cow!! I need at least an hour to read it! Now I see why people must have a blog to be friends with you :) Congrats to Emily for earning her money! I bet she's having a fun time. We'll be back Thursday or Friday and I'll bring over our portion of the funding.

Dana said...

I remember my mom making me sell girl scout cookies so I could go to camp. One year I sold over 1000 boxes. To this day I HATE selling door-to-door.

Heather said...

Way to go Emily! You should be so proud. I hope camp is all that she hoped it would be.